COVID-19 - Nuns Cottage Bed and Breakfast Richmond
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COVID-19 Policy at Nuns Cottage


We have carried out a risk assessment and reviewed the way we do everything to ensure we are operating in a Covid secure manner. All procedures are reviewed periodically and will be updated in line with any future amendments to Government guidance. We are aiming to reduce contact where possible, including between different groups of guests staying at the property.

*Update* In accordance with Government guidance from 8th August guests should wear a mask/face covering in public areas. At Nuns Cottage this would be the Guest Lobby and landing areas, and dining room until seated.



Hand sanitiser is provided in the entrance porch and all guests must sanitise their hands before entering the property. Hand sanitiser is also provided in the guest lobby, dining room and on the guest landing area.

We will serve your complimentary cream tea to you either in the garden or in the dining room depending on your preference and on the weather.


Guest Rooms

Both guest rooms contain only items essential to your stay with the exception of a vase of fresh flowers. We are also continuing to provide some guest information in the rooms, which is presented in plastic outer coverings which can be easily disinfected.

Pillows and mattresses are covered with protectors which are changed between every guest.  Bed linens are hired from a local company who have established procedures to ensure the linen does present a risk of infection.

For stays of 4 nights or less we will only enter the room to remove the rubbish from your bin, and to replenish your hospitality tray. If you do not wish us to enter your room during your stay please advise this at check in.

Room Keys are sanitised between guests.



Staggered breakfast sittings are offered to allow our guests sole use of the dining room during their stay, however should guests chosen time overlap with other guests then all guests should observe minimally a 1m distance from others and our tables are positioned accordingly to allow  at least  2m between guests.

All food and drinks are served in individual portions to reduce the risk of  cross contamination between guests.


Guest Lobby

Books, DVD’s and leaflets are still available in the lobby area, and guests are requested to use the hand sanitiser before and after handling these materials


Hygiene & Cleaning Protocol

Evidence based cleaning protocols will be followed in the guest bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and shared areas such as the Guest Lobby, Dining Room, stairs and landing areas and Porch.

Terms and Conditions

Any bookings cancelled due to UK Government imposed restrictions due to Coronavirus on travel and forced closures of the business will be refunded in full and we will waive the £10 administration fee for doing so. Guests wishing to cancel bookings due to changes in plans due to the Coronavirus or for any other reason will be subject to our usual booking terms & conditions which can be viewed here.

What Happens If I Become Unwell During My Stay?

We reserve the right to refuse any guest who is unwell and ask that you please inform us and cancel your stay. If you begin to feel unwell during your stay with any symptoms of the Coronavirus, then please inform us and we will politely ask you to immediately return home and self isolate.